CyberArticle Quick Start - Create a CHM in 3 minutes

With CyberArticle, you can make CHM files quickly.
  1. Download and install CyberArticle
  2. Prepare HTML files
  3. Make CHM files
Even if you are not yet registered, you can make CHM files with CyberArticle. View CyberArticle Quick Start.
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CyberArticle saves all documents in database files.  In CyberArticle, these database files are called as books.  You can create different books by yourself.
When first using CyberArticle, CyberArticle will create a book named as "CyberArticle Sample Book" automatically as depicted in the followings: 
CyberArticle applies a catalog structure to manage documents.  You can create your own catalog in books as shown in the followings:
In order to make CHM files, you need to save HTML files in CyberArticle.  The following method can be used for saving HTML files:
Save a web page directly: View a web page through Internet Explorer or Firefox, right click on the web page and then select "Save to CyberArticle" so as to save the current web page.
Save web pages in Opera, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.
Import HTML files: In Windows Explorer, find and select the HTML files you want to import, right click on them, select   "Send To->CyberArticle" and then the HTML files will be imported into a CyberArticle book.
Create and edit a HTML file by yourself: In CyberArticle, create and edit an article directly. 
Save web pages in a CyberArticle book so as to create a CHM file.
Right click on a book node and select "Export->Export as CHM e-Book".  You can also select folder/article node(s) (muti-selecttion is supported), right click on them and then select "Export->Export as CHM e-Book".
CyberArticle will call CyberArticle e-Book Builder to make CHM files as shown in the followings: 
In here, you can continuously adjust the catalog of CHM files.
Click "Properties" on the tool bar and you can set Properties of CHM files.
Click "Build e-Book" button on the tool bar so as to build a CHM file.  You can also directly click "Launch e-Book" on the tool bar and CyberArticle will automatically build and open a CHM file.